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I get it, life is hard. It takes time and effort to build a relationship and make things work and when it doesn't work out as you had hoped, there's a massive hole in your life that can make it easy to feel lost.

Then you can enter into the realm of torturing yourself by scrolling through social media to gauge what they're up to and go through old photographs of the times you shared. 


When you reflect, you may feel angry at the sacrifices you've made or the compromises that took place to be where you are today, or angry at the situation you've found yourself in.


You may also feel sad for what you no longer have and go over and over in your mind different scenarios to try and gauge what you could have said, or done differently, to try and get to a different outcome.

On top of this, you may feel like your world has been shaken, which has led you to question your life, what you want, and where you are headed. You've got decisions to make that you may not have had to make before, you have to approach life differently, which can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

I appreciate this is a difficult time for you and it's completely natural to feel like this, but if time has passed by and you're still feeling this gaping hole in your life, then.... 

What if I told you there was an empowering way
to move forward...

A way that helped you to reflect, reframe your thinking, gain clarity and support your wellbeing to feel good again...

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