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The Twists and Turns of a Traveller: Life Lessons, Adventures and Everything in Between.

The twists and turns of a traveller book cover has a pair of trainers, sunglasses, a map, phone, compass and a hat.

Learn all about the adventures of a female traveller who set off from Cornwall in her early 20's to explore life the other side of the world. Sharing the highs and lows, this book will take you on an adventurous journey through the key learnings experienced of life as a traveller!  

Available on Amazon as a book or ebook through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon stores. Can't find your country above? Click here to be directed to your local store.



"This book is a very enjoyable and well written masterpiece. It is full of detail and life experiences that are not only interesting to read, but monumentally educative. A must read and highly recommendedJessie Raymond

Amazon Customer Reviews

"A wonderfully well written and insightful book. The authors wit and personality shines through and the advice she imparts will be valuable to many.
Definitely one to read for the aspiring adventurer

"Excellent book, well worth a read if you're into travelling or not. Lighthearted laughs and lessons to be learned to stop you making the same mistakes as the writer did on her interesting adventures"

"What an interesting book for anyone, but particularly "gap year" youngsters setting out to explore the world"


Travel photographs

Some photographs linked to my travels can be found below!

Please note some will have more meaning if you have read the stories in the book, but hopefully are enjoyable to see regardless!

Image of a place called Wanaka. In the image is snow capped mountains with a long white cloud and a
Image of a koala in a tree.
Image of Tessa with short black/red hair that has been dyed..
Image of Tessa with long blond hair sitting in the sun.
Images of a monkey playing with a butterfly after the monkey caught it.
A picture of a hammock over a thin mattress in a wooden hut.
Image of Tessa riding a tank, doing a paraglide, doing a stunt car drive, hiking and doing a zip lin
Images of secluded parts of the Great wall of China
Image of Samoa, a tropical island with clear blue waters.
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